How To Remove Fox Poo From Dogs

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Isn’t it frustrating? After a long walk, right as you’re about to call it a day and head back to your car, you suddenly notice a strong smell coming from your dog. Trust me, I’ve been there!

We all know that dogs love to explore and roll around in all sorts of smells, mud and rotting rubbish. But sometimes that smell happens to be fox poo.

Fox poo has an unmistakable and pungent odor that can stick to your dog like glue. It’s not the most pleasant scent to have lingering around, but fear not! In this article I have covered some handy tips on how to clean that fox poo smell from your dog’s fur.

Why do dogs roll in fox poo?

Dogs roll in fox poo for a number of reasons. Despite having been domesticated for over 15,000 years, dogs, like other animals still feel the need to protect themselves and their scent from predators.

By rolling in fox poo, dogs do not only “mask” or change their scent, they hide their tracks. This prevents other dogs or animals from preciously locating them or knowing they have previously been there.

But, that’s not the only reason dogs roll in fox poo. Here are a couple of other theories:

  1. Communication: Dogs are social animals and use scent as a form of communicating. By rolling in fox poo, dogs leave behind their own unique smell as information. “I was here first!”
  2. Exploration: Dogs are natural companions and explorers, their great sense of smell often drives them to investigate different scents. Dogs can use the aroma of fox poo to smell other dogs or where the fox has been before.
  3. Pleasure and Stimulation: Believe it or not, some dogs simply find the smell of fox poo enjoyable. Dogs are able to smell 10,000 times better than humans and a smell to us humans doesn’t necessarily smell the same to a dog. Maybe they just like the stench?
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How can I stop my dog from rolling in fox poo?

Unfortunately there is no ideal way you can stop your dog from rolling in fox poo, especially if you walk in larger open fields when you don’t have complete view over your dog. But dogs need to be trained with commands from a young age. However this can be done through the use of a lead.

You can train your dog through the use of commands like “come” or “leave it” when you see your dog preparing to roll. Don’t forget to reward your dog with praise and treats to reinforce what you want them to do.

Are there dog perfumes to eliminate bad smells?

Yes, just like humans there are brands out there that produce dog perfumes and colognes to eliminate strong odors from your dogs fur. Not only do most dog colognes make your dog smell nice, they are made with a formula ideal for dog grooming and coat protection.

So who would I recommend? I have used, PetSol Dog Cologne, Paws Originals Baby Powder Cologne and BUGALUGS Baby Fresh Dog. Each of these perfumes cost less than a tenner, are gentle on my dogs skin and vegan or cruelty free.

But do let me know in the comments below if you find anymore trusted products that work for you.

How to get rid of fox poo smells on dogs?

Those who have dogs and go on regular walks know, the smell of fox poo is strong, potent and doesn’t wash off easily.

The smell just seems to linger on the fur and around the house. But these 4 tips I use when getting rid of fox poo smells on my dog.

Tomato Ketchup – I bet you didn’t expect that did you. Tomato Ketchup or tomato juices are able to mask the smell of fox poo. Also a popular method to cover skunk smells, tomato juices contain a strong aroma and enzymes which break down and mask bad smells. However Tomato juices have been known to stain dogs, especially with lighter fur. So be careful, and do your own research if needed.

Baby Oil – If I don’t have any Animology Fox Poo Shampoo left, Baby Oil is my go to cleaning substance for stains and smells on my dogs coat. Baby oil is effective at getting rid of fox poo smells on dogs for several reasons. Firstly, its lubricating properties allow for easy removal of dried feces from the fur. Not only that, Baby Oil can mask the odor and unpleasant smell in your house. Test it for yourself if you don’t believe me!

Baking Soda – Baking soda is known for its ability to absorb and neutralise odors. It works by chemically reacting with odor-causing compounds and reducing their presence in the air or on surfaces. Baking soda is not good for your dogs coat or skin, so I personally do not use this method very often. But when I do, i mix the solution heavily with water.

You can use baking soda to remove fox poo smells, simply sprinkle it directly onto the affected area or surface, such as fabric or carpet, and let it sit for some time. The baking soda will absorb the odor molecules, helping to eliminate the unpleasant smell. Afterward, you can vacuum or brush off the baking soda residue.

Other Shampoos – As I mentioned before their are dog shampoos designed specifically against fox poo smells and stains. Shampoos like Animology break apart the stain and leave the area fresh and odorless. However, due to the intense and strong smell from fox poo, not all shampoos can clean the stains. So it’s best to try and test.

How to wash your dog properly – Video

In the video below, ehow takes you through how to wash your dog thoroughly and safely.

Proper dog washing helps maintain their hygiene. Dogs, especially those who spend time outdoors, can accumulate dirt, dust, and fox poo in their fur. knowing how to wash your dog properly is important for their health and well being. Regular baths remove these substances, preventing them from causing skin irritations, infections, or foul fox poo odors.

Using this video and the tips I listed above your dog will be squeaky clean in no time!

Final thoughts

Dealing with fox poo can be a challenging and unpleasant task, but there are several effective methods for getting rid of the smell.

Whether it’s on fabric, hard surfaces, or even on your furry friend, home remedies can come to the rescue. From using household items like tomato ketchup to mask the odor to utilising baby oil for gentle cleaning. Additionally, baking soda proves to be a reliable option for neutralising and absorbing fox poo smells.

But remember, do your own research before putting foreign substances on your dog.


Q: How long does the fox poo smell last for?

Those who have dogs know, fox poo can still smell after a good wash. But using the correct formula will cause the linger to go after a couple of hours. However, the smell of untreated fox poo on your dogs coat can last for up to a week. So it’s best to use the right cleaning methods as soon as possible.

Q: Does fox poo smell?

Foxes have a diverse diet of mostly small animals and berries. Their omnivore intake can lead to stronger and more pungent feces. But, their poo is comparable to dogs, only more intense. But yes, fox poo does have a very distinctive and strong smell.

Q: Do dogs eat fox poo?

Your dog may occasionally eat fox poo, dogs are natural explorers after all. However, their are many diseases in fox poo which aren’t necessarily good for dogs. Toxocariasis is a fairly common infection caused by small worms in the poo of dogs, cats and foxes. Although toxocariasis is usually not serious for humans, it’s worth staying on top of things when it comes to the health of your dog.

Q: Should I wipe my dogs paws after a walk?

Although it may not be needed after every walk, there are some benefits to cleaning your dogs paws after a walk. Unlike us, dogs don’t have outside shoes. This can lead to serious amounts of bacteria to build up between their paws. Wiping or disinfecting their feet can reduce bacteria and unwanted parasites in your home.

Q: Best shampoo against fox poo?

The best shampoo against fox poo I used was the Animology Fox Poo dog shampoo. Not only does Animology’s shampoo smell nice, the shampoo is 100% vegan and contains vitamins which help breakdown dirt and oily substances. Animology’s shampoo has been specifically designed against fox poo smells and stains, give it a try!

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