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Disclaimer: I am not a vet, but an enthusiastic pet owner with a diverse knowledge of dogs, cats and other pets. Writing well researched articles recommending dog friendly products to in-depth guides. Please seek a certified vet for a professional opinion on your dog, these articles are written from my own research and opinions. Please read our Terms and Conditions for more! As an Amazon associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

There’s no denying that mental health problems are prevalent in human society, perhaps more than ever in the wake of the covid-19 pandemic. With rising inflation, a housing market that is increasingly difficult to crack,  and a national health service which is stretched beyond it’s limits, people are understandably becoming somewhat stressed!

But did you know that our canine companions might be feeling equally anxious?

Anxiety disorders and noise phobias are very common in dogs. In fact, it’s estimated that around 5% of the canine population may suffer from separation anxiety; 30% of dogs have heightened sensitivity to at least one noise; and that 29% of dogs may be excessively fearful.

Of course, if your dog is showing signs of an emotional or behavioural disorder, it’s always ideal to consult a veterinarian or APBC-accredited pet behaviourist in the first instance. The following article certainly isn’t intended as a substitute for seeking medical advice directly for your pet. But, in cases of canine anxiety, the following calming products for dogs may be useful add-ons to a veterinary treatment plan.

In fact, in my opinion as a pet owner, these are the best calming products currently available online (without a prescription) for our Great British dogs. Because sometimes – just like us – our pets could use a little extra help to keep calm and carry on!

1. Adaptil Calm Home Diffuser

Marketed as ‘communicating to dogs, like dogs’, this plugin home diffuser releases a synthetic form of dog appeasing pheromone (DAP), a canine pheromone produced by mother dogs to provide reassurance and naturally calm her puppies.

Evidence suggests that DAP diffusers decrease the signs of separation anxiety, distress and fear in adult dogs, too, making the Adaptil Calm diffuser one of the most scientifically backed calming products currently available to pet owners without a veterinary prescription.

It’s worth being aware, that to be effective the pheromones released by the diffuser need to be allowed to reach a fairly high concentration in the air, and your dog needs to stick around to breathe it in! So, be sure to situate the adapter in the room where your dog spends most of his or her time, and keep windows and doors closed where possible to avoid the product from escaping.

Handily, the Adaptil Calm diffuser is entirely scentless to two-legged family members, and so is suitable even for those with the most sensitive of noses.

2. Zylkene Calming Supplements

Aside from it’s excellent safety record and the fact that UK vets and behaviourists alike trust and love Zylkene, what sets this product apart from other calming supplements is a handy little molecule called alpha-casozepine.

Alpha-casozepine – a completely natural milk protein – has been shown to be equally as effective as prescription veterinary anxiety medications when it comes to calming anxious dogs.

Because prescription veterinary anxiety medications inevitably come with the risk of side effects, and in a few cases may even be harmful to your dog’s health, it’s always worth trying to treat the problem with a supplement containing alpha-casozepine first.

Zylkene capsules can be opened and the contents sprinkled onto your dog’s food, meaning that giving this supplements is an absolute breeze. No wrestling with tablets – always a massive bonus! Zylkene is available in three different strengths, tailored to suit small, medium, or large dogs.

According to Zylkene, these calming supplements are UK’s No. 1 Veterinary Calming Supplement*, widely used and trusted by vets, behaviourists and pet owners. *Kynetec market data, MAT January 2022

3. ThunderShirt: Calming Jacket for dogs

ThunderShirt is a very special dog jacket; it’s not just there to look good (although it kinda does!)

This incredible dog coat actually reduces your pet’s anxiety through a natural, immediately-acting pressure wrap system. Whilst the exact mechanism by which this works is not yet fully known, it seems likely that the gentle, even pressure ThunderShirt provides over your dog’s torso may mimic the sensation of being held and comforted by an owner.

ThunderShirt has been scientifically shown to reduce both behavioural and physiological signs of anxiety in dogs when worn correctly. This rapid-acting calming attire is suitable for almost all dogs, and only needs to be avoided by canines who have a solid reason why they need to stay naked (for example, severe skin disease, or a tendency to take their clothes off and eat them!)

4. Kong and Kong snacks

Often, an occupied dog is a calm dog! Mental enrichment is a great aid when it comes to keeping anxious thoughts at bay. So, if you have an anxious dog on your hands, in addition to considering the measures above it’s worth having a Kong handy for those times when you need to provide distraction to a disquieted canine family member.

I’ve encountered many brands of dog toys over the years (honestly: so, so many), and come to the conclusion that you simply can’t beat a classic Kong. The entertainment value for your pooch, durability and overall value for money are beyond compare.

I recommend stuffing your dog’s Kong with Kong Snacks rather than using wet foods; they’re more convenient and a lot more hygienic. If you do use wet dog food inside your pet’s Kong, be sure to clean it thoroughly (inside and out) after each use.

Final note from me

We hope you found the information in this article helpful for calming your four-legged friends! Please remember to consult with your pet’s own veterinarian before starting treatment with any supplements, and that the above article does not replace the advice of your own vet or veterinary behaviourist.


Q: Why do dogs get nervous?

Dogs can be nervous or get anxiety for a number of reasons. The most common being abandonment or fear of being left alone. Dogs are sociable animals and need contact with their owners.

Dogs can also get anxiety from loud noises, like fireworks, shouting or children. So it’s best you give your dog enough mental and physical stimulation.

Q: How can I calm my dog?

Calming you dog down can be beneficial for their mental health. Here are some tips I use when calming my Lab:

  • Reading their body language – How they feel, are they happy, stressed or anxious?
  • Affection – Showing them physical affection can stimulate dogs
  • Enough exercise – Experts suggest that exercise can seriously effect your dogs mental health. Make sure they get enough!
  • Consider anxiety medication with a vet

Q: What do calming vests do?

Like a coat for humans, doggy calming vests simply wrap around their bodies offering a consistent level of pressure which can make them feel calm during stressful situations. Like body armour for dogs!

Q: Can toys stimulate dogs?

Yes, chew toys especially, provide mental and physical development in dog and can positively impact their emotions and behaviours. By occupying your dog, chew toys help solve separation anxiety, teething and boredom.

Q: Can dogs show us they have anxiety?

Yes, dogs can use their general behaviour and facial expressions to convey emotions and feelings. When a dog has anxiety, they usually mope around, look at the ground or raise/frown their eyebrows.

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