PitPat Dog Tracker No Monthly Fees: Honest Review

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The PitPat No Subscription Dog Tracker is a game-changer for pet owners seeking a hassle-free solution to monitor their furry friends. Easy to set up and seamlessly integrated with a user-friendly app, PitPat provides real-time insights into your dog’s activities, health, and location. But 6 months on from my first review, is the PitPat tracker still the best no subscription option?

Reasons to buy

+ No monthly subscription costs
+ Satellite Tracking
+ 100% Water proof

Reasons to Avoid

– Relies on NB-IoT and LTE-M by Vodafone and O2

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The PitPat dog tracker first featured on my site around 6 months ago.

As a “devoted dog blogger”, I always strive to keep you in the loop about products that make our lives as pet parents easier and more enjoyable.

Having spent an extended period with the product, I’ve delved into its strengths, weaknesses, and the reasons (spoiler alert) why I’ve firmly decided to stick with the PitPat dog tracker. So, here’s my review 6 months on.

What is a dog tracker?

So to start things off, you may not be familiar with dog trackers and what they can bring to the table. So here’s a quick understanding:

A dog tracker is a device designed to monitor and locate dogs, providing pet owners with the ability to keep tabs on their canine companions. A good dog tracker uses GPS (Global Positioning System) technology to determine the dog’s precise location in real-time, not Bluetooth. Some trackers also incorporate additional features, such as activity monitoring, health tracking, and geofencing capabilities.

Do I need a dog tracker?

Dog trackers can be especially valuable for individuals who live in areas with open spaces, for those with adventurous or explorative dogs, or for pet owners who want to ensure the safety of their pets at all times.

They usually come in various designs, including collar-mounted devices and attachable modules, offering different levels of functionality and features.

Why I would stay away from Bluetooth trackers

Simply put, Bluetooth trackers are great inside the house. If you put down your wallet or keys, devices like the AirTag are a great way to locate lost items. Providing they have a connection to your phone.

But Bluetooth devices have a limited range, usually around 30ft. This is an obvious drawback if your dog tends to roam or if you need to track them over longer distances.

Bluetooth trackers rely on a direct connection with a paired device, like a smartphone or tablet. If your dog goes beyond the Bluetooth range, the tracker essentially becomes useless.

PitPat specs at a glance

100% Waterproof, Robust and easy to use

Initial cost






*data from Amazon.co.uk 09.01.2024

Initially the PitPat looks expensive, especially when compared to the market leader the Tractive.

But after around a year, thanks to the PitPat 0 monthly costs, the expensive sim fees from the other devices amount to about the same amount.

To make the most of the cost savings offered by the PitPat’s free monthly plan, you want to be using your device for about a year. But I wrote a full article and cost breakdown of the top devices here.

Dimensions60mm x 34mm x 18mm
Monthly Costs0. Includes a lifetime Sim
Activity monitoringDistance, calories, activity type and duration
Location updatesPrecise live location
RangeUnlimited (EU coverage)
CoverageUK-wide (O2/Vodafone)
Battery life6 weeks (depending on usage)
Recharging Wireless charging
Warranty1 year

Full for the full spec list from PitPat, you can find it here under this link.

PitPat GPS, what I thought 6 months on

PitPat have been known for their doggy “smart wristband” activity monitors. Having been impressed with their fitness tracker, I decided to review the PitPat tracker – That was 6 months ago.

While I initially had doubts after reading the Amazon reviews on the PitPat I was positively surprised when I finally got round to testing the device.

I live in the South of England, with good connection to O2 and Vodafone services and although the Sim found in the PitPat doesn’t have the same strength as a phone sim, I rarely had connection issues. So I think it really depends on where you live.

PitPat claim to have a battery life of around 6 weeks. With high use, long walks every 2 to 3 days, I was getting around 3-4 weeks from a single charge. So bare that in mind.

The Velcros straps the device came with were easy to use and just about long enough to go around my dogs thickest collar. Although it maybe worth PitPat offering longer straps, as I could see that as an issue especially with larger collars.

Initially, navigating the app posed a challenge due to the multitude of options for tracking my dog’s position and accessing health/activity reports. However, considering the product is relatively new to market, I expect some features will be updated and changed. I also wrote a review on the PitPat app itself and an in depth guide to the many features and setup. You can find that here.

When I write a review, I always suggest you read others before buying. So here is a link to PitPat’s Trustpilot.

PitPat Vs Kippy Evo

Here’s how the PitPat stacks up against a similar device

PitPatKippy Evo
Dimensions60mm x 34mm x 18mm55mm x 37mm x 22mm
Monthly subscription£0.00£11.00
Yearly cost£149.00£171.99
WaterproofYes30min up to 1m
Activity monitoringDistance, calories, activity type and durationDistance, sleep, activity and steps
Location updatesEvery 10 seconds3-15 seconds
CoverageUK-wide (O2/Vodafone)n/a
Battery life6 weeks (depending on usage) 5 days
Recharging Wireless charging n/a
CoverageUK and most of EUUK and most of EU

PitPat design

PitPat being strapped around a collar

Credit: PitPat YouTube

As you can see in the picture above. The PitPat GPS tracker is relatively small and can fit in the palm of your hand.

The PitPat features a small and lightweight design, ensuring it can be connected to pretty much any size of dog. The tracker also comes in an array of colours, including black, pink, red, blue and green.

Being compact, the PitPat doesn’t stick out, even on smaller breeds. Most dogs won’t even notice it on!

I was impressed with the simple design, dog trackers should be small, lightweight and robust. So far the PitPat ticks those boxes!

What about the battery?

So, as I said before, The battery under normal use lasts for around 4 weeks. But the PitPat comes with a wireless docking station in the box. This makes it very easy to charge when you’re not using it.

I have seen claims online of the battery going in under a week. But by using the app you can see when your PitPat is low charge. When the 4 paw pads light up, then the device has full battery.

Remember If you live in an area of bad coverage, the battery will probably deplete faster. But after 6 hours of charge, my PitPat lasted for about 3-4 weeks.

How to set up the PitPat GPS

Setting up the PitPat takes about 5 minutes; begin by downloading the app. However, if you find yourself in a bit of a bind, PitPat’s official YouTube channel offers an introduction video guiding you through the tracker setup process:

What are the potential drawbacks?

The concept of dog trackers is relatively new, and although the coverage is improving, there can be some challenges.

Unlike some trackers that solely rely on your phone’s network, the PitPat GPS operates independently. While your phone may show a stable 4G/5G connection, the PitPat uses a different network, from my understanding, the NB-IoT and LTE-M protocols provided by Vodafone and O2.

However, PitPat’s customer service were great. Before purchasing the PitPat, I reached out to them via their website, and they provided information about the tracker’s coverage in my area. This proactive customer support is worth considering when evaluating the overall reliability of the device.

My final thoughts

In my area (south England) the PitPat was a great tracker. The live updates were accurate, the activity feed was useful and the battery life was great.

Its no monthly cost stance sets it apart from many competitors, offering a cost-effective and accessible solution for pet owners. That being said I would use the PitPat tracker again, and I would recommend this device to my friends and family.

But before buying, it’s worth doing your own research and reading the reviews. Remember, PitPat has a 1 year warranty and Amazon always offers their 30 days of return, so that gives you some extra options.


Q: Why won’t my PitPat connect?

There are several reasons why PitPats struggle for connection. You may be in an area of bad coverage or you may have an issue with the device. You can reset the tracker in the app, that’s where I would start.

If you still have issues you can visit the PitPat FAQ or you can speak directly with PitPat’s great customer service. I’ll leave a link here.

Q: Does the PitPat have unlimited range?

Yes, providing you live in a supported country, the PitPat can in theory connect to a network and track your dog. However like the network your phone uses, there are areas in the UK with poor connection.

Q: Do I have to pay PitPat roaming charges?

No! There is no subscription or monthly payment to use the PitPat GPS device. The sim comes already with the device and works abroad for no extra cost.

But you must check when going abroad with your phone contract. As you may have to pay extra charges.

Q: Can dogs have trackers on them?

Yes, with trackers like the PitPat, you can attach a small robust device to your dogs collar and track where your dog goes, set boundries/alerts and check their fitness activity.

Q: Are dog trackers worth it?

Yes, dog trackers are worth it. Knowing that you have the ability to quickly locate your dog if they go missing can alleviate anxiety and worry. Trackers can add an extra layer of security especially if you have an expensive breed.

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