The Best Dog Hydrotherapy Centres In The UK

A dog swimming in a pool recieving hydrotherapy water treatment

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Hydrotherapy has emerged as a highly effective and popular form of therapy for dogs, providing numerous benefits for their physical and mental well-being.

In the United Kingdom, a growing number of specialised centers offer professional hydrotherapy services to dogs with physical and neurological problems. Whether for post-operative recovery, rehabilitation from injuries, or simply to promote overall fitness, these centers provide a supportive and controlled aquatic environment that aids in enhancing dogs’ health and fitness.

Whether you are a concerned pet owner searching for the ideal hydrotherapy centre or simply curious about the options available. In this article, I researched the best hydrotherapy centres across the UK and made a short list of what I found.

What is dog hydrotherapy?

Dog hydrotherapy is a specialised form of rehabilitation and fitness therapy that uses water to improve the strength and mobility of dogs.

Dog hydrotherapy also known as water therapy involves controlled and supervised exercises performed in a specially designed pool or underwater treadmill. Being submerged in water reduces the impact on the dog’s joints, allowing them to move more comfortably and freely.

Hydrotherapy sessions typically include activities such as swimming, walking on an underwater treadmill and targeted exercises for each dog’s individual needs. This therapeutic approach provides numerous benefits, including increased muscle strength, improved range of motion, enhanced cardiovascular fitness, weight management, pain relief, and accelerated recovery from injuries or surgeries.

Water therapy is particularly beneficial for dogs with orthopedic conditions, arthritis, neurological disorders, obesity, or those which have undergone operations. Dog hydrotherapy only should be given by trained professionals, such as hydro-therapists or vets, who closely monitor the sessions to ensure the safety of the dogs.

Top locations at a glance

UK’s oldest and best known animal rescue centres. 

1. Hydrotherapy at Battersea

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State of the art facilities

2. Bach Canine Rehab

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10 years of experience

3. Well Dog Hydrotherapy

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Areas’s largest pool

4. TheraPaws Dog Rehabilitation

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Decades of experience

5. Hainault Hydrotherapy Centre

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Is dog hydrotherapy worth it?

Dog hydrotherapy can be a highly beneficial and worthwhile investment for dogs in need of rehabilitation, fitness, or pain relief.

Hydrotherapy also offers psychological benefits by reducing stress and anxiety, and it can even aid in fitness and weight management for overweight or obese dogs. The individualised approach paired with professional guidance from the vet or hydrotherapist can be really beneficial for the dog, maximising the effectiveness of the therapy.

Is hydrotherapy good for old dogs?

Hydrotherapy can be particularly beneficial for older dogs as it provides a gentle and low-impact form of exercise that enables mobility and overall fitness.

As dogs age, they may experience joint stiffness, muscle weakness, and reduced mobility, which can significantly lower their quality of life and mental well-being.

The warm water used in hydrotherapy sessions helps agianst pain and discomfort associated with conditions like arthritis. But it’s best to consult your vet when deciding what the best method of retaining stress on your dogs joints.

How many hydrotherapy sessions does a dog need?

Depending on the type of dog and or illness, hydrotherapy can have different results. Some dogs react extremely well, whereas others need longer.

According to NARCH, a not for profit organisation which maintains the a list of Registered Canine Hydrotherapists (RCHs) in the UK, suggests that an elderly dog with arthritis would need hydrotherapy for at least 8 weeks, twice a week, to see a substantial benefit. But in some cases hydrotherapy has been offered to dogs for their rest of their lives in an attempt to benefit or slow the progression of joint or ligament pains.

How long are dog hydrotherapy sessions?

Hydrotherapy sessions usually last from 30-60 minutes. Typically the first session will be longer, as your dog will have to become used to the environment, the water and their hydro-therapist.

Although dog hydrotherapy sessions may differ depending on which service you use and where you go. This is what I found from my own experience:

So, to start hydrotherapies usually include an assessment of your dogs standing posture, muscle mass and the weight being supported by each leg.

Followed by a warm shower for hygiene, before being fitted with a harness and collar before entering the water.

The first session in the water is so your dog can become accustomed to the are and environment. Then your dog will be assessed on how they move and swim in the water. As your dog becomes more confident, each session will be more detailed and then a wider range of therapies can be given.

Can dogs eat before water therapy?

Many hydrotherapy centres like ensure that your dog has not eaten at least 3 hours before swimming, and 1 hour after swimming before a full meal.

This is to stop any accidents from happening during the session, but check with the centre you plan on going to for the full rules.

What dogs can benefit most from water therapy?

You don’t have to look far and wide to find the advantages of dog water therapy, even vets like West Chester Veterinary Medical Center explain the benefits of water therapy and the conditions aqua therapy can treat. But which type of dogs can benefit the most?

Like West Chester suggests, dogs that suffer from neurological conditions, hip dyspepsia or painful osteoarthritis can benefit most. It’s best to check with your vet to see if your breed prone to these issues. But in general any dog could benefit from water therapy, whether you have a Bulldog or a German Shepard.

How much does a dog hydrotherapy session cost?

Prices can range in dog hydrotherapy from around £30-£60 depending on length of the session and location. But hydrotherapy is definitely affordable and worth researching more about.

It’s important to read up on the terms and conditions of each therapy centre to avoid confusion and obtain authorisation from your vet if you are unsure.

Can you do dog hydrotherapy at home?

Hydrotherapy does not always have to be in a controlled setting. According to American Kennel Club (AKC) the benefits for hydrotherapy can also be seen at home.

Hydrotherapy for exercise such as walking or swimming in water, can be done at home in a swimming pool or in a larger body of water. For smaller breeds, even a pool in the garden. AKC also suggest that not all dogs are natural swimmers, so it’s important to closely monitor your dog.

American Kennel Club then go on to mention that it’s worth investing in a buoyancy aid jacket for your dog, in case they get tired or need direct assistance. You can find an article on the best dog bouyancy aids here.

But double check with your vet before testing out water therapy alone.

A dog taking part in a hydrotherapy session

Credit User @unkown

So what are the best dog hydrotherapy centres?

I researched and put together a list of the most trusted, well rated and best customer experience dog hydrotherapy centres across the UK. Here is my full list and what I found.

1. Hydrotherapy at Battersea

Located in London, Battersea dogs and cats home prides itself in being a “world-class” hydrotherapy centre which is open for any dog or cat which could benefit from water exercise or a personalised rehabilitation programme. Like weight balance or water therapy.

Battersea Hydrotherapy London Centre offers a 6x3m pool with resistance jets and an underwater treadmill.

Employee from Battersea dogs assisting a dog on the underwater treamill.

Credit Fair Use

The picture above is one of the underwater treadmills which Battersea hydrotherapy use to aid dogs with joint or ligament problems.

Battersea also offers weight management programmes which fit into their hydrotherapy terms. Each session will be tailored to help achieve and maintain a weight loss for your dog.

Hydrotherapy Battersea cost per session?

Prices start at around £60 for an initial medical consultation for your dog. A session that should last between 30-60 minutes and allows the Battersea hydrotherapists to perform their initial assessment and introduction. The hydrotherapists will also assess your dogs gait as well as positively introducing them to the centre.

All following sessions will last for around 30 minutes, 20 minutes of that spent in the water, and will cost £45. But the full costs are listed here.

What else does Battersea offer?

Battersea dogs also offers puppy swimming lessons, fun dog swims and weight management. Puppy swimming lessons is an introduction swimming session which allows your puppy gain more experience with water and using training techniques to build up their confidence in being handled by new people. 

The London offers features a large 6x3m pool, underwater treadmill and extra rehabilitation programs.

Extra notes

Battersea also have a FAQ list on their website, you can find it here. There, the basics are listed like: directions, on site parking and questions about the hydrotherapy.

Battersea also requires your pet to be approved by your vet using their consent form to make sure they are suitable for water therapy and it is safe for them to take part.

Final thoughts

Battersea dogs and cats is a renowned animal rescue centre specialising in everything dogs, cats and rehabilitation their hydrotherapy treatment for dogs is no exception.

I would definitely consider Battersea, not only for it’s name but the specialised hydrotherapists are highly trained and have great relationships with dogs.

2. Bach Canine Rehab

Based in Isleworth in West London the Bach Canine Rehab centre is a state of the art water rehabilitation studio for dogs.

As members of the IRVAP (The Institute of Registered Veterinary & Animal Physiotherapists) and CHA (Canine Hydrotherapy Association) The Bach Canine centre has a team of highly trained and certified dog rehabilitation specialists, you can find more about the founder and the team here.

The Bach Canine Rehab centre is located in Unit 11, isleworth business complex, St John’s Rd, Isleworth TW7 6NL, United Kingdom.

Credit: Bach Canine Rehab, Fair Use

The picture above is one of the facilities Bach Canine Rehab use for hydrotherapy on dogs.

What does the Bach Canine centre offer?

  • The Bach centre uses a 4m x 2m pool accessed by ramp on a slight gradient.
  • Underwater treadmill with low gradient and access ramps, which provides low-impact exercise and reduces impact on the dog’s joints and ligaments.
  • The water in the treadmill and pool is heated to 30-32 degrees which Bach Canine suggest as the optimum temperature for rehabilitation for dogs.

What else does Canine Bach offer?

Bach Canine does not just offer water therapy, but standard dog physiotherapy too and each rehab programme will be individually tailored to suit your dogs needs.

Canine Bach also offer separate entrances to the physiotherapy consult room and the hydrotherapy room to ensure there are no interruptions or distractions during your dog’s session and ground floor treatment, so no need to negotiate stairs

There is also on site parking directly in front of the centre.

What to expect with your visit?

Firstly, Bach Canine require consent from your vet that your dog is allowed to take part in water therapy. As per the Vet Surgeon’s Act 1966.

Canine Bach also provide you with advice on managing your dog’s mobility at home and if appropriate, a home programme of exercises to support rehab goals between sessions, sort of like doggy homework!

Due to the focused nature of Bach Canine, there will only ever be one dog in the pool per session, giving your dog time and confidence to develop and become accustom to the water and staff.

Final thoughts

The Bach Canine centre is a great specialist dog rehabilitation unit ran by a small loving team with high spec equipment and a wealth of knowledge.

It’s also important to read customer reviews and opinions, the testimonials shared by customers serves as a valuable insite to into firsthand experiences and gain a glimpse into people’s thoughts. I have also left a link to the reviews here.

3. Well Dog Hydrotherapy

Well Dog Hydrotherapy is located in Bretton, Peterborough and specialises in dog hydrotherapy, physiotherapy, Red Light Therapy and Myotherapy.

Well Dog works directly with vets and physiotherapists to develop an analysis and assessment of your dog’s condition whilst providing a safe and knowledgeable environment dogs.

Well Dog is located in Unit 30 Wulfric Square, Bretton Peterborough, PE3 8RF.

Credit: Well Dog Rehab, Fair Use

Well Dog Hydrotherapy gallery, you can check out more pictures of the facilities here.

What does Well Dog offer?

At Well Dog, you’ll find the area’s largest pool measuring 24ft by 12ft, with a comfortable temperature range of 27-30 degrees, offering a great space for safe rehab and treatment.

Well Dog also ensure the highest safety for your dog at all times, a skilled and experienced hydrotherapist will be nearby, closely monitoring their well-being and session.

Plus the pool water is always treated to maintain the highest standards of hygiene and all dogs that receive hydrotherapy at the Well Dog centre will be given a buoyancy aid in case they don’t react well to swimming alone.

At the end of the session your dog will be given a proper dry with warm air and a towel before given a final healthy check.

What is mysotherapy at Well Dog?

Well Dog also offers myotherapy, which uses certain exercises and massages to release stress in certain areas of your dog and to help against areas where they experience pain. Almost like a massage for dogs. You can find more about it here.

Myotherapy works first by analysing behaviour, posture and muscle balance. Then treating these areas to restore and maintain normal integrity of soft tissue.

Final Thoughts

Well Dog Hydrotherapy comprises a dedicated and proficient group of extensively certified hydrotherapists boasting an impressive track record of more than a decade in successfully managing dogs during their rehabilitation journeys.

Well Dog’s team possesses a wealth of experience and they have a amounted a number of testimonies and are highly rated on Google. Check out what people say about Well Dog here.

4. TheraPaws Dog Rehabilitation

TheraPaws is a canine rehabilitation and hydrotherapy centre located in Bracknell Berkshire. TheraPaws is also a member of the CHA (Canine Hydrotherapy Association) meaning that they work to the highest level of ethical and care standards.

TheraPaws is located 40 Martins Lane, Bracknell, Berkshire RG12 9EN.

Underwater treadmill at TheraPaws dogs rehabilitation centre.

Credit: TheraPaws, Fair Use

What does TheraPaws offer?

TheraPaws offers many programmes designed at maintaining weight, rehabilitating and managing long term neurological conditions.

TheraPaws also has a heated pool around 2.1m x 3.8m in sizes with different platforms for multiple dog sizes.

An underwater treadmill which is able to accommodate dogs of all sizes is also another piece of equipment TheraPaws uses during their hydrotherapy sessions. As seen in the picture above.

Completing the TheraPaws facilities is a small team of dog hydrotherapists and pysiotherapists. You can find more about them here.

How much does TheraPaws Hydrotherapy cost?

The initial rehabilitation assessment at TheraPaws costs £75, this will include all information, how your dog is doing and which programme is best suggest.

The further rehabilitation sessions cost £40, and the maintenance fitness sessions cost just £27.

The costs may of course change, so make sure stay up to date. Here is the full pricing list at TheraPaws.

Final Thoughts

TheraPaws is a great hydrotherapy centre with a plethora of facilities and great staff. Here’s more rehabilitation services TheraPaws offers.

  • Conservative management and pre surgery conditioning
  • Management of long term/degenerative conditions
  • Physiotherapy
  • Senior swims
  • Puppy swims
  • Fitness sessions for pet and competition dogs
  • Fitness sessions for weight loss

5. Hainaut Hydrotherapy Centre

The Hainault Hydrotherapy Centre was established in 2006 and provides custom treatment plans using state of the art equipment, including an inground heated Pool, Water Treadmill, K-Laser and stance analysis. 

Hainalt Hydrotherapy centre is based in Equestrian Centre, Noak Hill Rd, Romford RM3 7LD Essex.

A dog hydrotherapy centre with a large pool with jets

Credit: Hainault Hydrotherapy, Canine-hydrotherapy Fair Use

The pool above is just one of the facilities at Hainault Hydrotherapy used to rehabilitate dogs and rebuild muscle.

Hainault Hydrotherapy facilities?

The main facilities at Hainault Hydrotherapy Essex are:

  • 5m x 3m heated pool
  • Underwater treadmill
  • K-Laser
  • Stance analyser
  • Showering & drying
  • In patient care

What does Hainault Hydrotherapy offer?

Hainault offers 6 main programs within their hydrotherapy sessions. Pool water therapy, underwater treadmill, K-Laser, stance analyser, rehabilitation and fun swimming.

The water therapy is done in a 5m x 3m pool, heated to around 30 degrees, the optimum temperature for rehabilitation. The pool is also equipped with swim jets, which can be useful for sensory input if a dog has suffered a neurological injury.

The underwater treadmill is a useful rehabilitation tool, with 2 entrances, various depths of water and adjustable height control.

Hainault also use a K-Laser, a special device that offers the latest class IV Laser therapy to assist your pets rehabilitation, this method of therapy is a non-invasive way of stimulating the body’s natural healing process. But you can find more about the facilities and how Hainault work here.

How much does a session at Hainault Hydrotherapy cost?

The initial consultation which is made up of getting to know your dog and completing initial tests cost £55.

The hydrotherapy sessions are priced at £40 each, with an additional £10 charge for a second therapist. Similarly, K-Laser treatment is also priced at £40.

You can find a full cost breakdown at Hainault here.

What to expect with your visit?

Hainault have a small introduction video, explaining all the facilities and practices the hydrotherapy centre does. As well as going into detail with each piece of equipment.

Final Thoughts

Hainault Hydrotherapy is an exceptional dog water therapy center that boasts a wide range of new top-notch facilities, catering to the diverse needs of canine patients. With a team of highly skilled and compassionate staff, the centre provides a high level of care and expertise to enhance the well-being and rehabilitation of dogs through the power of hydrotherapy.

Whether it’s recovering from injuries, managing chronic conditions, or simply providing exercise, the Hainault centre is dedicated to utilising the therapeutic benefits of water to help dogs regain their vitality and improve their overall quality of life.


Q: Is hydrotherapy good for Bulldogs?

Hydrotherapy can be beneficial for Bulldogs, especially those with certain health conditions or recovering from injuries. Bulldogs are a brachycephalic breed, meaning they have a shortened nose and face, it’s fairly common that Bulldogs can experience breathing difficulties and overheating. Hydrotherapy could also benefit Bulldogs because it can provide a low-impact exercise option that puts less strain on their joints.

Before starting any hydrotherapy program for your bulldog, it’s crucial to consult with a vet. A vet will assess if hydrotherapy is right for your dog and if your dog will benefit from these sessions.

Q: When is hydrotherapy recommended for dogs?

Hydrotherapy is often recommended for dogs recovering from surgery, injury, or orthopedic conditions but hydrotherapy is also recomended to older dogs too. Hydrotherapy can also be beneficial for dogs with chronic pain, arthritis, obesity, neurological disorders, or mobility issues.

Additionally, hydrotherapy can be used as a form of exercise and conditioning for healthy dogs and as a weight balancing tool.

Q: How long does a hydrotherapy session typically last?

The duration of a hydrotherapy session can vary depending on the dog’s condition and fitness level. In general, sessions can range from 15 minutes to 60 minutes. Initially, shorter sessions will be recommended and the initial meeting to analyse your dogs issues.

Q: Can I accompany my dog during hydrotherapy sessions?

In most cases, dog owners are not allowed in the water during hydrotherapy sessions. Trained hydrotherapists or veterinary professionals closely monitor the dog’s movements and progress throughout the session to ensure their safety and provide appropriate assistance. Don’t worry, your dog will never be left alone!

Q: Can hydrotherapy help with weight loss in dogs?

Yes, hydrotherapy can be an effective component of a weight loss program for dogs. The water reduces stress on joints while providing a low-impact workout that helps burn calories and build muscle. Combined with a balanced diet, hydrotherapy can aid in weight management.

But again, it’s best to consult your vet if you have any questions or queries.

Q: How can an underwater treadmill help dogs?

An underwater treadmill is a piece of specialised rehabilitation equipment that can be beneficial for dogs during their rehabilitation process. It combines the benefits of water therapy and treadmill exercise to aid in the recovery of dogs recovering from various injuries or surgeries.

The low-impact exercise from walking underwater is beneficial for dogs with mobility issues, as it helps them build back muscle strength, improve range of motion, and regain balance without doing serious damage to their body. But it’s worth talking to a vet to find the best advantages of hydrotherapy.

Q: Do you need vet approval before doing dog hydrotherapy?

Yes! one of the requirements for each hydrotherapy centre is a veterinary referral for each dog. It’s incredibly important that you consult your vet before taking part in any dog hydrotherapy.

Q: What products are good for dogs with joint problems?

Products like the PiuPet Dog Step for example, are great for slightly older dogs with joint or ligament issues.

It can be dangerous for dogs to leap too and from car boots onto concrete or hard surfaces. Tools like the PiuPet dog steps are a set of stairs which clip onto the back of your car, large enough for big and heavy breeds to clamber to and from the car without putting too much stress on their joints.

A note from the Author

Hydrotherapy can be a great method of low-impact exercise and movement for your dog. Especially if they have neurological, osteoarthritis or hip problems. But as always, check with a vet and see a professional before taking part in water therapy for your dog.

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