The Best Dog Step For Cars: The PiuPet Review

This picture depicts a dog climbing up the PiuPet foldable stairs. The foldable stairs feature a strong metal frame with wide PVC steps designed to support dogs up to 80kg.

Our Verdict

The PiuPet Dog steps are a staggered dog ramp system aimed at giving older dogs with limited movements easier access to cars, SUVs or higher places. The PiutPet steps fold down incredibly small and can fit in the back of all cars. Supporting around 80kg of weight the PiuPet Steps stretch out to about 1 meter and stand around 76cm tall, but can be adjusted to 50cm for smaller cars. The PiuPet ramp is practical especially for older owners who can no longer lift their pets.

Reasons to buy

+ Only 5kg
+ Extremely compact
+ Designed in Germany

Reasons to Avoid

– Travel bag could be improved

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If you’re a dog owner who loves to take your pet on adventures, you know that getting in and out of the car can be a challenge for any dog big or small. Leaping onto high places can be difficult and even dangerous for dogs regardless of age.

That’s why I picked up the PiuPet dog step. Hoping I will no longer have to lift my 35kg Lab into the back of my car (and to test it of course).

Not only are these steps designed to help owners, they enable dogs with mobility or joint issues to clamber onto higher places without difficulty.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the PiuPet steps, including what they are, how they work, and some of the key benefits they offer for both you and your four-legged friend. Whether you’re planning a road trip or just want to run errands with your dog these dog steps might be just what you need!

Dog steps: New gimmick or practical pet accessory?

I have seen a couple of posts on Instagram and Facebook showcasing stairs and ramps for dogs but I had not personally used a set of stairs for my dog. So I opted to test the PiuPet steps, the highest rated dog step on

The PiuPet steps are designed specifically for car boots and can connect directly to the latch and being designed in Germany, they have a strong and sturdy build and are very robust even when larger dogs clamber up them.

So are dog steps a gimmick? There are definitely “gimmicky” versions of dog steps (especially on social media) in the form of 1 step fabric bricks which serve little to new use. But the PiuPet steps has a strong metal frame which folds out for practical use, especially for older and heavier dogs.

What are the effects of dogs jumping down?

The picture depicts a dachshund dog and how excessive abuse to their backs can cause compression to their joints and bones.

The effects of jumping from high places onto concrete or other hard surfaces can be dangerous for your dogs’ bones and ligaments.

Especially with breeds that already suffer from known back problems like German Shepherds and Dachshunds. Some dogs also suffer from other issues like IVDD where the invertebrate disc in the spine of the dog can start to get weaker after compression from excessive movements.

Dog steps and ramps are in my opinion a good solution to assist the dog in moving up and down, as fewer joints and ligaments are being compressed and damaged.

Are dog steps or ramps Vet approved?

In 2018 there was a study completed by Dr Alison Wills, a senior lecturer at the Animal Welfare Research Arena Hartpury which suggested dogs are putting over 4x the amount of force onto their joints by leaping out of cars or SUVs.

The study was taken from 15 healthy adult dogs and concluded dogs could suffer long-term joint pain and disease through jumping to and from car boots onto hard surfaces like concrete or tarmac.

Dr Wills, from the Animal Welfare Research at Hartpury University Centre also said: “We would suggest that people consider using ramps stretching from their car to the ground for all dogs, instead of just for those with existing problems.”

The effect on the dogs joints is not just caused by the impact of leaving the car, Dr Wills also suggests: “It’s… worth remembering that dogs jumping from a vehicle may not have moved for an extended period, meaning that they lack the warm-up that is essential for injury prevention.”

AKG (American Kennel Club) also suggests steps are a good choice for dogs “that have the agility and balance” and steps can be folded down much smaller than ramps.

So leaping from high places onto hard surfaces can be dangerous for dogs. In order to prevent further complications later in your dogs life, it’s definitely worth looking deeper into dog ramps or steps like the PiuPet in order to prolong their bones and joints.

But it’s worth mentioning that the steps should not have a steep incline. Otherwise dogs may have the same issue with the drop compressing their joints.

PiuPet dog steps review – Storage, Key specs and features

What is the PiuPet dog step? The PiuPet dog step, is a fold-able fabric and metal set of steps which can be placed next to high objects such as cars, enabling your dog to climb and descend more safely with less pressure on the joints.

The PiuPet dog step comes in a large fabric bag folded compactly together. Other ramps and steps usually fold out in half or fixed in position which makes them very hard to transport as they often weigh more and are cumbersome.

This enables the PiuPet to be stored in even the smallest of cars and when folded together it takes up a fraction of the space of a standard ramp. The picture below shows how the PiuPet could be transported. Plenty of room!

This picture depicts how small the PiuPet dog steps can be and how little space they take up when they are folded together.

The PiuPet is around 16cm tall, 50cm wide and 43cm in length. The car boot is roughly 80cm long and 110cm for reference, a standard 500 litre size.

PiuPet features at a glance:

  • Large surface per step, plenty of space for larger dogs
  • Strong and robust for heavier dogs
  • PVC material, easy to clean and water “repellent”
  • Suitable for all types of cars
  • Height adjustable
  • Compact and light (5kg)

PiuPet dog steps review – Height adjustable

This picture depicts how the PiuPet dog step can be changed in height to fit different cars.

The PiuPet steps can be adjusted to fit pretty much all cars, and after being folded out they are not in a fixed position. So if you have a smaller car the height can be adjusted.

I found that the size of my car boot was around 60cm, the PiuPet was still sturdy at this height whilst maintaining a good ground fixture.

PiuPet dog steps review – Build quality

This picture depicts the PiuPet fold-able dog steps being used with a car boot, so that a dog can climb up, without damaging their bones and joints.

The build quality of the PiuPet dog steps is extremely strong. The steps feature a robust metal structure, similar to the metal piping you find on a fold out chair, with a secure stretched PVC fabric material as the base of the step.

The steps are “water resistant” meaning they do not soak water easily, but are by no means completely water proof. But the PVC does a great job at stopping mud and stains from sticking to the steps and any marks can be easily scrubbed off.

The PVC is robust enough that scratches and claw marks from your dogs paws will not rip or damage the steps from normal use. PiuPet also claims dogs up to 80kg are supported by the steps, so even bigger breeds (typically those with hip/back issues) can clamber up!

PiuPet dog steps review – Features

Functionality and safety – The large surface area of the step gives your dog a safer feeling and better stability when moving.

Light weight – The total weight of the steps is around 5kg, this makes it easy for owners to transport around.

Changeability – As mentioned before, the steps are height adjustable, depending on how far you position them from your car. I found this is better for smaller dogs, as the steps become shallower.

Rating – To date, the PiuPet steps has a rating of 4.4 stars out of 5 from 1,191 rating. A pretty good score, with many positive experiences. Read the reviews!

PiuPet dog steps review – How to attach?

This video from PiuPet’s YouTube channel. The tutorial also demonstrates how to attach them properly to your car. The video also shows how the steps can be simply opened and set up whilst folding together just as fast.

The steps also come with a hook which attaches from the top of the steps to the boot shutting mechanism in the car, just for that extra stability.

PiuPet dog steps review – What I don’t like

There’s not many aspects of the PiuPet steps I don’t like, a strong build, easy clip on feature and a study base make it the ideal fold-able dog step. But there are some details which could be changed.

For example: After extended use of the steps, like most fold out products, the screws connecting the pipes on the outside of the step become loose. But that’s just a quick fix with a screwdriver!

PiuPet the best dog step?

The PiuPet is in my opinion the best step on Not only does it fold out fast but is light weight, strong and easily cleanable.

The PiuPet steps are transportable and perfect for when you need to load your dog into your car. Not only will it help your dog, it will also save you time and effort as an owner.

Dogs, especially larger breeds or those with arthritis or other joint issues, can benefit from a dog step like the PiuPet as it reduces the amount of strain on their joints when they jump to and from furniture or other elevated surfaces.

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